Gender Transition Resources in Orange County

Informed Consent Healthcare Services at The Center OC

Medical Services and support

We collaborate with all major insurances, including medical, in providing hormones services and linkages to specialists and surgeons. We work with an entire network of primary care physicians, endocrinologists, plastic surgeons, urologists, etc. in providing hormone and surgical services. We collaborate with hospitals such as CHOC, UC Irvine Gender Diversity Program, UC Irvine Medical Center, St. Joseph's, Memorial Care, etc in ensuring complete trans affirming health care. I am the patient care coordinator between the client and insurances in making sure the person has complete medical care throughout their transition in terms of HRT, surgeries, etc. On average we gain authorization for HRT and surgeries for appx. 80-100 clients per month.

If a client wish to pay out of pocket, we work with several clinics who provide this service.

We are now working directly with Medical and the Mexican Consulate to insure all undocumented and documented immigrants with insurance coverage. We now have a Medical enrollment officer on-site to sign up and help obtain coverage for this marginalized population. Once we have obtained coverage for the client, we will then plug them in to an affirming and competent physician. This program will not just be for the immigrant community, but for anyone who is in need of insurance.

Legal Services:

We now offer Name and Gender Change Clinics, Immigration Clinics and Discrimination Legal Services (housing, employment, etc.). We collaborate with the Mexican Consulate, UC Irvine School of Law, Chapman School of Law, Legal Aid Society of OC, Lavender Bar Association, plus 3 law firms who have offered free legal services and pro bono status to our community. On average, our legal team helps 25-30 clients per month.

Trans Committee:

We have a wonderful committee that plans transgender based events and programming. We meet the 1st and 3rd Monday of the month here at the Spurgeon site. This is where we plan events such as trans pride, tdov, tdor, etc. We also go over the various trans support groups and status updates.

For more information on social activities, health care, hormone management (no letter required) and mental health care, visit 714-953-5428 1605 N. Spurgeon Santa Ana, CA 92701 The LGBT Center OC.

1605 N. Spurgeon
Santa Ana, CA 92701

Orange County Funded Services for LGBTIQ

[email protected]

OC Accep t is an Innovation Project funded by the Mental Health Services Act (MHSA). The program provides community based-supportive services to individuals who are struggling with and/or self identify as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex, and /or Questioning (LGBTIQ) and the important people in their lives.

OC ACCEPT seeks to provide a safe environment with acceptance and compassion for individuals to express their feelings, build resilience, be empowered, and connect with others for support.

OC ACCEPT also seeks to raise awareness and reduce stigma by providing education about the LGBTIQ population to the community at large.

OC ACCEPT provides:
Short term individual or family counseling
Case Management
Peer Mentorships
Community based Support Services
Outreach, Engagement
Support and Discussion Groups
Health and Wellness Activities
Educational and Vocational Support

Support, Information and Advocacy

FTM Alliance of Los Angeles , Inc. is a community-based organization dedicated to empowering the female-to-male [FTM] transgendered community, and to increasing the visibility and acceptance of FTMs in Southern California. They provide resources, support, and leadership opportunities to people assigned female at birth or in childhood who no longer feel that label is complete or accurate, as well as our significant others, families, friends, and allies. Through education, advocacy, and activism, they are committed to creating a society where everyone is free to choose and express their own gender.


Orange County Transgender Coalition
seeks to unite transgender and allied groups fostering greater collaboration to effectively address the physical, emotional, and social needs of the transgender community.

Links to groups for FTM and MTF, endocrinologists, therapists, surgeons and vocal coaching.


Standards of Care

World Professional Association of Transgender Health
These clinical standards are the ethical and clinical guidelines by which most surgeons, endocronologists, and therapists work with transgendered clients. They are standards - and not meant to be rigidly applied. You can discussany question you have regarding these with your provider to learn more about how they approach their work in this area and the criteria they use. Download Standards here

Information For You and Your Loved Ones

Gender Education and Advocacy (GEA)
is a national organization focused on the needs, issues and concerns of gender variant people in human society.

Choices Counseling & Consulting
Website of author Arlene Istar Lev-Transgender Emergence; a comprehensive text on the subject of therapy with gender variant people and their families.
Website: http://www.choicesconsulting.c...

Below is an article from her site:

Transgendered People and Their Families by Arlene Istar Lev

Finding the right Therapist

Dr. Lev also addresses how to find the right gender therapist in the following article: TherapyGuidelines

Check out this beautiful video: