Welcome to Genderpath. 

I have had the privilege of my career, working with and learning with the hundreds of transgender, non-binary and queer patients over the last 23 years. 

 My specialty is working at the intersections of these cultural identities with a respect for each person’s journey of integrating all aspects of themselves. 

Common focuses of therapy include: identity development, integration, relationship transition and transformation, family adjustment, education and support, as well as issues completely unrelated to gender identity! My patients often tell me that they appreciate our work because they don't have to educate me about gender diversity, or explain why their self esteem, depression or anxiety, is not caused by their gender expression.


Are you taking new patients?

Not at this time. Unfortunately, I do have a wait list. Please reach out to me at our contact page if you would like to be added. 

Can you offer a referral?

You can find affirmative therapy services listed on my Services and Referrals Page

For Orange County, CA folks,  you send me a note on the contact page, I can send you a referral list.

Can you write me a letter for hormone therapy?

Affirmative care means that you have the right to access medical hormone treatment without a letter from a therapist. You do not need a letter to receive hormone therapy. 

Can you write me a letter for surgery?

At this time, I cannot write second letters, but if you will reach out to me on the contact page, I will send you a referral list.